Roland Kulla

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East River Bridges

This show features the four iconic bridges on the East River as its theme. Finding a fresh interpretation of these particular bridges - Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg and Queensboro - posed a significant artistic challenge for me.  How to capture something unique about structures that are so well known and documented? 

These are some of the approaches I use:
Unusual views. I capture recognizable elements of the bridge, but crop them in a unique way.
Uncommon elements. Brooklyn I and II feature an access ramp at Pearl Street in Manhattan – not a view normally associated with that bridge. 
Abstraction.  I select parts of the structure and remove them from their context to form the composition.  The three paintings of the Williamsburg Bridge celebrate its muscular superstructure as viewed from the pedestrian walkway. 
Light and Color:  I use a lot of chiaroscuro – the contrast of light and dark. For example, the historically accurate creams and browns of the Queensboro Bridges’s recent paint job pop against a brilliant blue sky.  By comparison, Brooklyn I and I and Williamsburg III are monochromatic studies using a very limited palette to build the image. 


Image: Brooklyn III, Acrylic on Canvas, 60"x48", 2014

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