Roland Kulla

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Nuts and Bolts Chicago

Nuts and Bolts two common and mundane elements. A vernacular reference to the basics. Something we take for granted. And yet, these most ordinary items coupled with human ingenuity and skill can be transformed into amazing structures. In this case Chicago's many bridges. Because of their utility, these structures are frequently taken for granted. We're annoyed when they are raised for the boat parade, but otherwise we use them to cross the void without a second thought.

This series painted in 2001-2 is about stopping to take a hard look. The nut and bolt the basic elements are examined in detail. From there we build and explore what can be done with them. The variations can be simple or elaborate, ranging from limited themes of a few notes to grand, fugal extravaganzas.

The subjects appear "real", but this is a deliberate illusion. The painted forms have been abstracted from their context. The paintings present an idealized version of reality. This approach permits a focus on the structural design. The hard-edged forms of the bridge-subject provide the base, with the interplay of light and color giving each painting a very different mood or feeling.

"100th St. Once", Acrylic on Canvas, 60" x 40", 2001

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