Roland Kulla

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Bridging New York

For the past ten years I have used bridge structures as my principal subject matter. My Chicago base has been great for this exploration, as it has the world's largest collection of lift bridges. In five previous series I've shown small chunks to grand constructions. I've done them "clean" and I've done them rusty. This series is a culmination of this prior work. Exploring the bridges of New York City has expanded my visual vocabulary. I visited more than 40 - from the iconic to the ordinary. This has been a source of fresh perspectives for my focus on organized steel and key to the creation of these images.

I am fascinated by the functional dynamism of the bridge form. On the most fundamental level, the materials are arranged by engineers to get a job done. There is a rigid logic in the arrangement of bolts and girders. Bridges also serve us on a daily basis, providing essential connections that make a city work. But while we use them, we don't usually stop to "see" them. I find beauty in this mundane reality and express it in my work.

Image: "Hell's Gate", Acrylic on Canvas, 45" x 60", 2007

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