Roland Kulla

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New York City Transit

For the past dozen years or so, I've focused on bridge elements by selecting portions of bridge structures and painting the segments in a realist style. This show, New York City Transit, differs in several ways.

First, I've expanded my focus to include different aspects of transportation in New York City. There are still plenty of bridges but I've added trains to the mix as well as the MTA. A number of the paintings include the intersection of trains and bridges. Pedestrians are given focus too, in scenes from the High Line.

Second, not only has the subject matter expanded, many of the works provide a more panoramic treatment. In several works, my view has widened to place the transit elements in their urban context.

Third, the transitory aspect of nature and included. The atmospheric effects of sky and water, light and shade create dynamic contrasts to the fixed structures.

Taken as a whole, New York City Transit takes you from the details to the big picture. It also captures the dynamism of the man-made structures in their dramatic natural context.

Image: "East River Vista", Acrylic on Canvas, 72" x 48", 2016

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