Roland Kulla

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Urban Landscape

My fascination with the built environment is not about the buildings per se. It's more about the stories they tell. The trick is learning how to express the dynamics of change in a static format.

I use several techniques.

Light is one dominant aspect. Capturing a moment at dawn or dusk informs the viewer of that moment of change. The paintings frequently juxtapose the effects of natural and man-made light. The view is frequently left hanging – observing the transition for a vantage point in mid-air.

Change can also be read in the buildings themselves. The ideas one generation expressed are superceded over time by conflicting concepts of a later age. The record of both the old and new ideas remain in the buildings.

The evidence of transportation – the car, train, parking lot, street lights – dominate many works. They stand as proxies of the need for quick movement in our modern age – and frequently intrude, even dominate, the elegant ghosts of a past time.

There's a story in each, should the viewer choose to enter in and find it. The scenes are apparently still and silent. People are not present. Yet, the effects of human presence are everywhere – both in the moment and over time. But that’s not all. The human symbols are placed in the context of the changing natural light – the waxing and waning of an infinite energy.

"Balcony Night", Acrylic on Linen, 34" x 50", 1999

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