Roland Kulla

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Urban Patterns

We are creatures of habit.  Routines help us organize our lives and provide necessary structure to daily existence.  The same holds true in the built environment.  The city grid and the structure of the skyscraper provide spaces that facilitate human interaction in the crowded urban context. 

This latest body of work returns to the bridge form as my analogy of choice in exploring urban patterning.   When closely observed they demonstrate a dramatic dynamism.  The rhythm of repetitive elements can be quite hypnotic.  Some of the structures have a complexity worthy of fantasy landscape by Piranesi – only real! 

I search the urban context for structures that I find compelling.  Most of these are not the iconic bridges of New York, but more mundane structures in out-of-the-way locations.  We don’t normally perceive these forms as objects for art.  I hope these works make the case that beauty can be found, if we only know how to look.

Image: N.J. Path I, Acrylic on Canvas, 46" x 70", 2009

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